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  • Sage / 4 fl oz
  • Palo Santo / 4 fl oz
  • Lavender Sage / 4 fl oz
  • Lavender / 4 fl oz
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Essential Oil Spray

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  • Lavender Sage (infused with amethyst and clear quartz) - helps to ease tension and anxiety, boosts confidence and mental strength; works to connect one to their higher self. 
  • Lavender (infused with amethyst) - calms the nervous system, brings peace and purification, enhances sleep. 
  • Palo Santo (infused with fluorite) - clears negative energy, aids in grounding, facilitates mental enhancement and clarity. 
  • Sage (infused with tiger's eye) - boosts confidence and mental strength, shields from negative energy, stimulates taking action and personal power .