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  • Healing
  • Positive Energy
  • Abundance
  • Happiness
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Chakra Energy Pillar Candle

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MONEY - Cassia, clove, and nutmeg scented. Red colored. Root chakra.

LOVE - Cedar, spruce, and rosemary scented. Orange colored. Sacral chakra.

PROTECTION - Bergamot, lime, and grapefruit scented. Yellow colored. Solar plexus chakra.

HEALING - Lavandin, orange, and tangerine scented. Green colored. Heart chakra.

ABUNDANCE - Lavender, fir, and chamomile scented. Blue colored. Throat chakra.

POSITIVE ENERGY - Moroccan rose and chamomile scented. Blue colored. Crown chakra.

HAPPINESS - Patchouli, labdanum, and frankincense scented. Pink colored. Third eye.