How to Cleanse Crystals

Buying crystals is fun and exciting, but have you ever touched them and it felt a little off?
If you're buying from a shop where people can freely touch the crystals, it is highly possible for the crystal to absorb whatever energy that comes and goes. We at Mystic Eye Botanica always recommend to cleanse your crystals. 
When should I cleanse my Crystals?
You should always cleanse your crystals right after you buy them, if you wear your crystals and had a particularly difficult day, or if someone else has touched them. If you have crystals for alter use or just as home decor, or once a month is always the best bet.
How do I cleanse my crystals?
There are multiple ways to cleanse your gems, out in the sunlight for instance!
leave your crystals such as clear quartz or carnelians  in a sun lit area from the morning till sundown, bring them inside and enjoy their new charged and cleansed crystal!
✨If you're not a morning or a day light person, keep a calendar on your phone and track the next full moon! It is the same process only from sundown to sun up (if you're a forgetful person like me.)
Brown rice or burying your crystals for an hour also cleanses them , the brown rice acting as an earth substitute, you are returning the earth back to where it came from. (please remember where you buried your crystal, and throw out your rice when done.)
✨Running them through incense or sage smoke while keeping your intentions for the crystal in mind.
Sound is a special way to cleanse your crystals as well; you can find all kinds of tracks on your favorite music app that emit Hertz that vibe with your crystal. Perfect for any large pieces in your collection that become too much of a hassle to move from place to place. 
✨ If you have a selenite charging plate, bowl, wand, or tower; simply leaving them near it if a great way to do a casual daily cleansing. 
Salt or Moon water: I chose this method last because depending on the crystal you have, you must absolutely stay away from water, because they will brake down, crack or even release toxins if left in water for an extended amount of time. Look up the where your crystal friend falls under the Mohs hardness scale before doing this method, if its under 5, try something dry. 
Its best to use moon water the week after making it, but set your crystals inside the jar for an hour or two and pat dry with a soft cloth to cleanse them, same for water with a table spoon of salt dissolved in. 
These are the crystals that should NOT be left in water: 

 💎Black Tourmaline
 💎Lapis Lazuli